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About Us

We are obsessed with make up and have lots of experience and insight into what products women love which we have gleaned by our party plan and direct sales -  we have learnt a lot from our customers. Angela Muldoon who started AMZI boutique also has her own brand of cosmetics "AMZI".  The name "amzi" is a Hebrew word which means "her strength".

Angela was raised in South Africa and her love of make up began as a teenager; she remembers queuing early in the morning for the Estee Lauder Cosmetics staff sale (which was like a golden ticket to willy wonka's chocolate factory)  and the excitement she felt then about make up she still has now.  Angie has been known to be so engrossed in the cosmetics duty free that she has nearly missed a plane, running like crazy when hearing "last call for passenger Muldoon".

Our AMZI cosmetic range is manufactured in America , where manufacturing laws are strict and the quality of the ingredients is extremely high. Lots of customers have told us what colours and products they want and all of this has been taken on board when developing the "AMZI COSMETIC RANGE".  If you are interested in stocking our range or would like more information please get in touch on the contact us page.

We at AMZI Boutique like good service and to be treated right and it is our aim to treat you how we would like to be treated and hopefully build lifelong customers. In some cases we are able to offer you discount prices, and we know everyone loves a bargain!

We work closely with many make up artists particularly in Liverpool, which is on our doorstep. Something exciting is happening in Liverpool and we are seeing professional make up studios opening up every week.  No longer do ladies just want their hair done for the week end - they also want perfect make up, professionally done, virtually every weekend.